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Representative Past & Present Clients

Estate & Life Planning

“Lars Etzkorn is very nice and knowledgeable.” JG, Washington, DC

Single Person – Buying first home

Parents – Concerned for their children if they both die

Remarrying – Protecting existing children’s inheritance

Terminally Ill – Concerned for pets’ care

Restaurateur – Concerned about business succession

“It was a pleasure to work with you. I should have done this long ago. I recommend Lars Etzkorn to others.” SPN, Washington, DC

Unmarried Partners – Protecting each other

Parents of a Special Needs Child – Providing for their child and
assuring eligibility for public benefits

Entrepreneur – Creating a private foundation to do good and to help
family collaborate and cooperate

Grandparent – Providing for grandchildren’s education and keeping a
beach house in the family

Artist – Fostering an artistic legacy

“I appreciated how Lars really listened to me, asked follow-up questions and then addressed all of my concerns.” KT, Washington, DC

Patrons – Making a substantial charitable donation while living off investment income

Betrothed – Maintaining separate assets after marriage

Brother – Personal Representative in California of a sister’s estate in DC

Widows and Widowers – Personal Representative of a spouse’s estate

Niece – Personal Representative and Trustee of a trust benefiting an aunt

Probate, Estate & Trust Administration

“You made an awful situation doable.” MJ, Sheffield, AL

Colleague – Trustee of a trust created by a friend

Grandchildren – Beneficiaries of a trust seeking modifications

Governance & Charitable Giving

Alicia Patterson Foundation

Arts Club of Washington (pro bono)

“Lars is good for anyone managing an estate from far away; made the process predictable and secure with the right amount of guidance and reassurance.” DW, Oakland, CA

Charles E. Smith Life Communities

Cosmos Club Historic Preservation Foundation (pro bono)

Court Communications Consulting, LLC

Dhrupad Music Institute of America

Dulin Fund

“Lars Etzkorn Law PLLC a generous local law firm.” The InTowner Newspaper, Washington, DC

Emergent Action

Heurich House Foundation

MARPAT Foundation

Maymere Charitable Foundation

National Capital Gift Planning Council (pro bono)

Philanthropy Dynamics, LLC

The Outlaw Ocean, LLC

The OO Project, Inc.

Whitman-Walker Health (pro bono)